Wedding Buzz

(Incomprehensible noises through tears of joy)
— Cindy Carrillo, Mother of the Bride

They say that “good things come to those who wait.” So true! Having the wedding day set on the date a decade from the day Mike and Ally met, is going to be perfect in every way. I can hardly wait for all the Hawaiian fun and festivities to begin.
— Priscilla Kohn, Mother of the Groom

It’s about damn time.
Brian Carrillo, Father of the Bride

Finally Ally will be my sister-in-law instead if what I’ve been calling her for the better part of a decade: future-sister-in-law.
— Diane Kohn, Sister of the Groom

What do I get to wear?
AJ Carrillo, Brother of the Bride

I promise not to kiss my flexing guns with Dustin at the alter while Ally’s walking down the aisle. However, the reception is free game.
— Diane Kohn, Best Maid / Sister of the Groom

I’m so excited to make the most beautiful flowers for you!!!! We are going to make such fun married couples!!! XOXO
— Kitzel, Awesomest Friend / Flower Goddess

— Nicole Sacchitella, Spaghetti Squash Ambassador

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