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  1. Nancy Cassidy

    Yay! The cutest Save the Date EVER! I’m SO Happy for you two!
    Lots of Love.

  2. Brian Cox

    Hi Mike and Ally – thanks for your card – you made many people at Fairview smile with your story. I shared the story of how you met with my current chemistry classes and they loved it – I think they have started looking at each other in a new way. I told them the I only promised the opportunity to learn high chemistry and did not necessarily guarantee that they would meet their life partner in the course. Congratulations – I very happy for you both.

    • allybcarrillo

      Thank you so much!!! We really appreciate your kind words. They mean so much to us. The fact that we STILL both did well in the class is a testament to how good your teaching is. (You’re welcome to share that with your current class, too.)

  3. Anne & Richard Groves

    Hi Ally, Michael and Cindy!

    Thank you so much for the invitation to your reception! We are so happy for you two and hope that you have the most amazing wedding in Hanalei! It is truly our most favorite spot in the world.

    Sadly we cannot make it on June 2nd as we have out of town guests in for the weekend but we hope to celebrate with you another time.

    Blessings to you all, Anne and Richard

  4. Kitzel (Soon to be) Ruth


  5. kirk

    You guys are awesome…great announcements and website. We will deff. be there minus Mia….

    all mia keeps saying…”No Fair” kids should be allowed…she will have fun at Grandmas.